About Us


September 30, 2018

Patrick and Cynthia get engaged in beautiful Maui, Hawaii

As soon as they return home, wedding planning begins…

While Cynthia was searching for unique bars for the wedding venue she came upon the idea of a mobile bar, but it was difficult to find one. 


February 2019 - Let’s do this!

Patrick and Cynthia decide to build their own mobile bar! 

While coming up with the concept Patrick and Cynthia remember their many travels to Brazil and the “little bars” that line the beautiful beaches of Ipanema & Copacabana. They were inspired and used this as an inspiration to build something similar that could be mobilized for any event. 


What does Barzinho mean?

Barzinho translates to "little bar" in Portuguese, pronounced  

(BAR-ZEEN-YO). What a perfect name for the bar! 


Our goal!

 The goal of our own "Barzinho" is to bring an exclusive experience to your event. Whether that be a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or just a little shindig with friends and family. Our unique mobile bar and professional staff are here to make your event one to remember! After all, the bar is the most visited place at a party, you have to make it extra special!